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EquipePlus will let your business prosper during this exciting digital era. We do so by leveraging proven methods and by adopting entirely whitehat techniques to accomplish visibility in search engine rankings. Our company adopts creative strategies and proprietary methods, coupled with production of viral content that generates inbound traffic coming not only from top rankings, but also from references to your website from outside relevant and authority sources. Through a combined on-site and off-site optimization, we chose relevant converting keywords no matter how competitive, and work on only the converting keywords with intent to buy or create brand awareness. We leverage world-wide content and authoritative writers for information curation that auto-attracts authority back links straight into first tier that positions your website at the center of the subject matter in the eyes of search engine. Although we rank your website towards the first page, but we're able to also rank videos and Google Maps records within the room, as we discussed. This drastically boosts sales opportunities and phone calls going into your organization.

What Can You Expect From EquipePlus?


Invest your hard-earned dollars in marketing that live up to your expectations. Every dollar invested should translate to tangible high returns, or else why burn your money, and worse, waste valuable time in the hope. Our Search engine marketing is frontward contemplating. We don’t take the job if we are not absolutely certain of a positive ROI.

We Are Part-Owners

We Consider Ourselves Owners in the Business. You will have an integrated team member working with you to make your business returns our returns. We recognize very well that if we boost your business and grow, we grow with you. We take pride of our accomplishments and are discrete about it. Your SUCCESS is after all, Our SUCCESS.

Regular Updates

We review ourselves before we review your results. We measure, adapt and deliver results. We give you month to month updates with reviews changes and important strategies to make it worth your while. We don't send non-sense reports, we focus on key messages and KPIs that matter to you. We don't send fancy reports (templates) for the purpose of showing that we are working. You will know we are.


Our passion for SEO, Search Engine Marketing and digital marketing is so intense that our clients label us as Geeks. Yes, we may be SEO geeks, but we are also professionals. We are the geeks you want to be working with and not some polished sweet-talking amateurs in some large corporation. We are over 100 professionals worldwide, with headquarters in New York City, and branch offices in Boston and Chicago

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  • Sam Schreim

As Our Valued Customer… We Welcome you to EquipePlus – NYC SEO

I am Sam Schreim, the President of Equipe+. I grew up in Morningside Heights, Manhattan, New York City, and went to school to Columbia University. I travelled this nation as Management Consultant working for McKinsey and Booz, advising Fortune 500 companies on marketing strategies. But marketing has changed in the 21st century. Digital marketing has transformed the world of marketing. Unfortunately though, you will find very few professionals in New York or elsewhere that know a bit about strategy or marketing. If you are looking for a digital marketing and SEO company in New York, you will come across 1000s of so-called companies and experts in SEO.

 We categorize SEO Companies into two types of companies:

Type 1

The first kind comprises the highest number of SEO companies in New York and elsewhere, even top ranking ones (or self proclaimed leading ones), are run by either freelancers, short-termers, or offshore companies. You will find that by working on SEO alone, you may rank in Search Engines, but will you will burn in a few months or a year.
Why? Because Google will adopt another update to their algorithm (as it did with Penguin and Panda only last year and the year before), and you will notice the current ranking companies are not at all the same that were ranking last year. And, if you try in a few months again, you will notice new companies ranking and the current gone. Why? Because none of these companies will work with you to build your marketing assets online. They build their own assets, and when they can’t figure out what hit them when Google changes algorithm, they quit and bail on you.

Type 2

The second kind of companies you will find are the big so called “fortune 500” marketing agencies. This kind of companies, although may appear to give you results, will come at hefty pricetag. They will charge you huge fees, because either they are new to this business, or they would outsource your work to smaller specialized agencies, then mark it up for you. And if for some reason they happen to have resources inhouse, they may do the work in-house, but it would be priced at as "Big Agency" pricelist. We challenge you to find digital agencies in the city that are both, affordable and solid like Equipeplus. In a digital world, don't be pressured to work with brand name for the sake of comfort. You should avoid working with companies only because you have heard of them. Take your time and assess all your options, it would be time well spent!


We, at, do not fall under either categories above.

We are here for the long-term. As the president of the company, I can assure you that we built a new kind of digital agency, designed for the 21st century and beyond. We help you build your assets for you. Your digital and online presence does not a 1-year or less. But other companies will.

Our team of professionals spent years developing pre-emptive techniques and google-update proof strategies because our approach focuses on Authority content and Whitehat strategies. We don’t use loopholes in current system to rank you quickly in New City search engine results, after which you will crash and burn when google does an update.

We help you build long-term sustainable and authoritative presence online.

We Are The Rocket Scientist of Search Engine Optimization

The basics of search engines optimization science are a lot like rocket science, only the real deal of SEO is a lot more difficult. The reason being, is even search engines companies like Google, which has over 2,000 PhDs on their staff, is struggling to keep up with new technology and the web. Imagine names like Facebook or Pinterest, Intagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, how long have they been around? Some of these companies are a world-wide-web by themselves.

Therefore, to appear in google search results, when someone is conducting a keyword search for your company in New York City or Boston, Google now can no longer ignore your social media activity and thus your authority on the web, which search engines are giving more importance to lately. Authorship and authority are new factors to consider in search engine marketing, not that important only last year.


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